Agboola, New Flutterwave CEO Explains Why Rave Payment Platform Is Unique And Best

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Agboola, New Flutterwave CEO Explains Why Rave Payment Platform Is Unique And Best

Agboola, New Flutterwave CEO Explains Why Rave Payment Platform Is Unique And Best

Gbenga Agboola, Flutterwave CEO



By Rommy IMAH


Flutterwave, a payment technology company focused on helping banks and businesses provide seamless and secure payment experiences for their customers, has said that its flagship payment platform, Rave allows the customer collect money anytime, anywhere across other payment platforms all over the world.


Speaking at a media parley Tuesday in Lagos, Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer of Flutterwave, Gbenga Agboola said Rave is the best and easiest way to accept payments online and in mobile apps and can process any kind of payment anywhere in the world.


“We enable businesses from mom and pop shops to global conglomerates, accept payments easier, faster and safer. It is the easiest way to accept payments globally directly from mobile money wallets, and lets you receive payments locally and globally with no hassles and zero set up fees,” he said.


Agboola, who recently stepped in as the new CEO of Fluterwave said the vision of the financial technology company is to bring seamless online financial transactions to the doorsteps of every merchants and customers.


“Although we are about two and a half years now in Nigeria, we have had a great level of partnership from different companies and customers. We are mostly here to support the banking sector but at this point, we are small merchant-focused, because we believe that those small businesses are the key to the growth of any society’s economy,” he said.


Agboola noted that the uniqueness of Flutterwave is in the fact that the company is global and can help small merchants go global as it can process any kind of card today in Nigeria including American Express and its likes.


On charges attracted by transactions done by the company, the Flutterwave CEO said, “We are about the only online financial service provider with the most affordable financial charges. This simply is 1.4 percent capped charge at N2000 per transaction.”


On security, he noted that the company runs the most secured online financial services in the country, evident in it being PCI-certified, PA-DSS licensed and ISO 27001 certified, and attesting to the company’s high placement of premium on security and trust of its over 25,000 merchants.


He said its security quality test is carried out by its partner, Digital Jewels, while MainOne hosts its data infrastructure.


On the future of traditional banks in the face of financial technology disruptions, the Chief Executive Officer said the future is extremely bright for the banks, explaining that Fintechs can only complement banks instead of disrupting them.


“When you have N1 billion, will you keep the money with a Fintech? So no matter how much trust you get in the Fintech companies, I think we will exist, we will thrive right, however, what is still important is that your money will be kept in the bank that has the 20 years experience in keeping your money safer.


“Fintechs will innovate on how to make your life convenient, easy and fast and will complement the services of banks. Look at the US and the UK, with all the Paypals of this world, you still have the big banks there doing very well because the banks are the ones that will provide the backbone that will keep the money. I see the banks putting much focus on core banking services, like lending and deposits,” Agboola noted.



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