Cybersecurity: Forcepoint Unveils Digital Transformation Acceleration Strategy

Friday, July 19, 2019

Cybersecurity: Forcepoint Unveils Digital Transformation Acceleration Strategy

Cybersecurity: Forcepoint Unveils Digital Transformation Acceleration Strategy

Forcepoint and Infodata Executives



By DigitalTimes


Forcepoint, a global human-centric cybersecurity company said it is strategically investing in the creation of a human-centric technology partner ecosystem that enables customers to achieve their digital transformation outcomes through the enabling of secure migration of data, applications, and business operations to the cloud.


Forcepoint’s global technology and strategic alliances span such areas as public cloud, data classification, identity and access management. It ensures that customers have the ability to simplify collaboration between vendors and create an integrated security stack.


The company ensures that all tools including identity-as-a-service tools, collaboration, HR, IT service management, workflows, incident response and other mission-critical business applications can deliver an understanding of the behavior of digital identities, and help extend the risk-adaptive protection to existing security infrastructure.


The widespread adoption of cloud solutions has been driven by the myriad of associated benefits offered, such as flexibility, scalability and remote access. At the same time, concerns have been raised regarding the security of these solutions when it comes to keeping sensitive data safe from malicious actors.


Fortunately, this can be avoided by demonstrating that both the organisation and the provider are committed to optimum cybersecurity, by investing in adequate prevention of cyber threats, good data security and data protection, concerns that the Forcepoint Cloud Security Solution addresses.


At the recent Bankers Summit in Lagos Nigeria, Forcepoint Regional Manager for Africa – Gregg Brans noted that “Forcepoint’ security solutions help customers’ transition from on-premise to cloud mitigating any cloud adoption fears. We integrate perfectly with public cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, G-Suite providing a secure risk-adaptive intelligent approach to security challenges.


“Our journey into a complex world of digital transformation is already happening. Our ecosystems are already beginning to look the one on the top right. Complexity and risk is already high, as we operate in a multi-dimensional world based, on user and data connections. 73% of enterprises will run almost entirely on SaaS by 2020; 87% of companies rely on their employees using personal devices to access business apps; and 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day.” ​


Brans said organizations need to place users and data at the centre of their design thinking. “If you take a look at how security is applied in an infrastructure-centric paradigm, policies are applied from the infrastructure to groups, or departments or to the whole company. The result is friction for genuine users, and an opportunity for malicious users that may find loop holes in the policy or the rights that are applied. Due to the generic nature of these policies, the noise of events and log files makes finding the bad amongst the good extremely difficult.


“Human-centric cyber security from Forcepoint flips that paradigm on its head and changes everything. By making humans, and not events, the units of analysis, you can now use events as data input to understand what each individual is trying to do by their behavior.


“Based on that understanding of each user’s behaviour and intent, you can then apply different policies depending on the riskiness of that behaviour. The result is one to one security which provides more user freedom and appropriate security enforcement based on a risk adaptive profile.” ​


Forcepoint is converging its capabilities to simplify deployment and management of security stack and eliminate security gaps. Each capability is best-in-class; a user can start anywhere and expand as the needs grow. Its unified policy and common analytics and orchestration streamline management.


Forcepoint’s solutions include:


Forcepoint DLP: Discovery and protection to meet regulatory and industry compliance.


Forcepoint Behavioral Analytics: User and entity behaviour analytics for a zero-perimeter world. The leader in actionable insights based on risk-adaptive scoring.


Forcepoint Insider Threat: User visibility and incident context for sensitive data. The most comprehensive understanding of user intent, trusted on over 1 million endpoints.


Forcepoint CASB: Visibility and control over your complete cloud environment. The broadest cloud application support with unique customized risk assessment based


Forcepoint SD-WAN & Next Generation Firewall (NGFW): Highly secure, efficient and available network security. Cuts network expenses by 50 percent, reduces cyberattacks by up to 86 percent and slashes incident response time by as much as 73 percent.


Forcepoint Data Guard: Secure collaboration and information sharing for government agencies. Eliminates costly and time-consuming manual data transfers of highly-regulated, sensitive data.


Forcepoint Web and Email Security: Unified protection from advanced threats at any location, on any device. Threat detection is 100 percent with zero false positives.


Forcepoint is the global human-centric cybersecurity company transforming the digital enterprise by continuously adapting security response to the dynamic risk posed by individual users and machines.


The Forcepoint Human Point system delivers Risk-Adaptive Protection to continuously ensure trusted use of data and systems.


Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint protects the human point for thousands of enterprise and government customers in more than 150 countries.


“Behaviour-based cybersecurity is tailor-made for the era of mobility and cloud because it enables enterprises to detect and respond faster to risk than legacy paradigms that focus only on protecting infrastructure,” said Matt Moynahan, CEO, Forcepoint.


“Forcepoint’s human-centric approach to security enables our customers to protect their people and critical data against the most sophisticated attackers, while freeing them to conduct their business or mission in the most efficient and agile way possible.”


“Infodata Professional Services Platinum Partnership level and investment in Forcepoint IP over the past two years is a deep sign of our commitment to the consolidated range of security products that has added immense value to our customers in Nigeria and West Africa.


“Forcepoint is the only vendor that has shown deep commitment to the security challenges within the West African Business Ecosystem. These set of solutions consolidate and secure customers Web, Email, DLP with integrated Advanced Malware Detection capabilities giving our customers the basic building block for Behavioural Analytics and ensuring Insider Threat metrics are captured in real time.


 “Forcepoint gives a one stop shop for secure versatile and resilient enterprises as customers start and build on their risk-adaptive digital transformation Journey and a worthy security partner to drive the human centric risk-adaptive approach to cybersecurity,” said Infodata CEO, Chuks Ulu Udensi.


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