Ghana FA Revokes $17.9m Broadcast Rights Deal With StarTimes

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Ghana FA Revokes $17.9m Broadcast Rights Deal With StarTimes

Ghana FA Revokes $17.9m Broadcast Rights Deal With StarTimes



The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has cancelled its $17.9m contract with StarTimes after it called for bids to take over the rights that were bought by the Chinese broadcasting giant three years ago, according to


The GFA invited the nation’s media organisations to bid for the TV and radio broadcast rights for all of the competitions taken up by StarTimes in 2016 that are worth nearly $18m.


In 2016, the Chinese pay-TV firm signed a massive deal with the GFA to acquire media rights for the Gala, the Ghana Premier League, the National Division One League, the Ghana Women’s League, the Ghana Juvenile League and the MTN FA Cup for the next ten years.


As part of the deal, StarTimes was supposed to have constructed ten pitches as specified in their agreement with the erstwhile GFA administration, but challenges of land acquisition for the location of those pitches led to delays in the construction.


It is not clear whether the current management of the GFA was the one who decided to cancel the contract or if the deal was abrogated by the Normalisation Committee under the leadership of Dr Kofi Amoah.


The ten-year agreement was expected to have expired in 2026, but after the announcement of the call for bids, it has become clear that the GFA has scrapped the contract.


Signs of the partnership being on shaky ground started to show earlier this year when the Head of Marketing at StarTimes Ghana, Akofia Dzankui revealed that the pay-TV operator could not agree on a deal with the Normalization Committee for the telecast rights of the Special Competition hence the decision to hand it over to GTV.


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