It’s A Yuletide To Smile, As Smile Communications Ignites Season With Two Exciting Offers

Friday, December 13, 2019

It’s A Yuletide To Smile, As Smile Communications Ignites Season With Two Exciting Offers

It’s A Yuletide To Smile, As Smile Communications Ignites Season With Two Exciting Offers



Smile Communications, Nigeria’s leading 4G LTE Broadband service provider, has in its desire to further push its accustomed excellence service streak, introduced another set of customer-centric campaigns that will ensure a fruitful and memorable Yuletide celebration for all its customers and consumers.


The two campaigns have been carefully created, organically related and united in the objectives of delighting customers on the Smile network.


The campaigns are the “Perfect Gift” campaign and the “TRUE UnlimitedPremium” campaign. Each of these two campaigns muster enough benefits for consumers to stand on its own steam but the desire to delight customers at this Yuletide period has made Smile run the two campaigns concurrently.


The “Perfect Gift” campaign includes two exciting offers. The first is available at the cost of N12,000 and includes 25GB with a NEW SMiFi device. The 25GB is valid for 30 days. Also included is a 100% BONUS on recharge for the first 3 months. The BONUS data will have higher priority of use over paid data and will be valid for 7 days. In addition, customer will enjoy 10 mins local voice calls and unlimited on-net calls and SMSs.


The second offer gives customers 80GB at the cost of N14,500, with a NEW SMiFi device. To extend the data into the New Year, the 80GB is split into 50GB on activation and 5GB every month following, for 6 months, upon recharge of a minimum of a N3,000 data plan. Both the 50GB and the 5GB monthly BONUS data are valid for 30 days. This offer also includes 10 mins local voice calls and unlimited on-net calls and SMSs. 


For a limited period, Smile customers that currently subscribe to the Smile UnlimitedPremium plan will experience TRUEUnlimited internet with “No Limit”.


Akin Alayoku, Ag. Managing Director of Smile Communications assured that the UnlimitedPremium plan embodies all the intrinsic elements that are the hall mark of Smile’s customer-centric value. These include great products offerings, extensive usage and unrestricted choice.


“The market is moving much faster in the broadband direction and we want Nigerians to maximize the benefits of the broadband revolution by offering them TRUE Unlimited internet with no limit,” noted Alayoku.


Designed to delight its subscribers, the UnlimitedPremium plan is believed to be “Nigeria’s only TRUEUnlimited internet” and is available to customers on Smile’s 4G LTE network for only N19,800. Customers can enjoy the numerous online benefits of the UnlimitedPremium plan by visiting to recharge.


While observing that the state of the economy poses enormous challenges to many Nigerians, Alayoku surmised that the TRUEUnlimited internet offer is partly to help cushion the effect of the inclement economic situation, and invited existing customers, who are on the Smile network, as well as new customers to take advantage of the TRUEUnlimited internet offer and to have a very blissful Yuletide.


The new campaigns: “Perfect Gift” and “TRUE UnlimitedPremium” are available in key Nigerian towns including Abuja, Asaba, Benin, Ibadan, Kaduna, Lagos, Onitsha, and Port-Harcourt, and the offers available and accessible via, and at all Smile shops, kiosks and authorised distributors spread across the country.


Smile launched the first 4G LTE network in West Africa in Nigeria in 2014 revolutionising the way people access the internet. Smile was the first to launch VoLTE on its network and has continued with its innovation, having introduced SmileVoice, which is a free mobile app that enables customers with any Android or Apple iPhone device (including those which are not VoLTE-enabled) to make SuperClear voice calls over Smile’s 4G LTE network. Smile was also the first to introduce an Unlimited offering, which enables SuperFast data and SuperClear voice, all on one bundle.


Customers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha, and Asaba can experience the country’s most reliable SuperFast 4G LTE mobile broadband services, and also enjoy SuperClear voice calls, video calls and SMSs from their one SmileData bundle. 


Business customers in Nigeria can also benefit from Smile’s SuperFast, reliable and high-quality internet solutions, keeping them connected 24/7.


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