Konga Back-to-School Ends Friday As Last Minute Shoppers Call For Extension

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Konga Back-to-School Ends Friday As Last Minute Shoppers Call For Extension

Konga Back-to-School Ends Friday As Last Minute Shoppers Call For Extension


The 2019 edition of Konga Back-to-School, the very successful and widely anticipated annual promotion by e-Commerce giant, ends tomorrow, Friday September 6th, 2019.


The promotion has seen thousands of parents, students, knowledge workers and institutions take advantage of the exciting deals on offer.


However, a number of shoppers have called on the management of Konga to consider an extension to the promotion, with some of the shoppers basing their request on the late payment of salaries which prevented them from taking part.


Furthermore, they disclosed many establishments paid salaries in the first week of the month, hence the need for extension.


In response to the calls, Vice President (Konga Retail), Kalu Johnson affirmed that the promotion is time-bound. Nevertheless, he revealed that the Konga management will maintain same price on selected limited product categories for another seven days.


“The Konga Back-to-School promotion is time bound and, as such, cannot be extended. However, Konga is a customer-centric organization and we always aim to please our customers. As a result, Management has resolved to maintain same price on limited product quantities for another seven days.


“This move is to enable shoppers who could not take part earlier to take advantage. Also, we have received a few requests from some Nigerians returning from summer vacations abroad. This price freeze will also give them ample opportunities to enjoy the unbeatable price offers we unbundled for the promotion.”


Continuing, Kalu disclosed that Konga had seen over 31% appreciation on returns for the Back-to-School campaign.


“We have already achieved over 31% growth compared with last year. This year is particularly successful because of increased awareness and appetite for genuine products by Nigeria. In addition, the ease, convenience and flexibility to shop from Konga retail stores nationwide was a major factor. Also complimenting this is increased volume of same-day delivery by Kxpress, our logistics arm, for items ordered by shoppers.”


Konga had unveiled massive discounts and special deals for its annual Back-to-School campaign. The 2019 edition of the Konga Back-to-School promotion commenced on Monday, August 26th.


The promotion affords parents, guardians, students, teachers, individuals, cooperatives/groups and educational institutions such as Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education as well as public and private primary and secondary schools a chance to buy a wide range of genuine products at highly discounted rates.


Equally important, Konga had underlined its determination to support quality education in Nigeria through its Back-to-School campaign. Consequently, Konga unveiled credit facilities for educational institutions to purchase a variety of products. Additionally, an incentive of interest free repayment for the first three months was offered by Konga to interested customers.


On offer is a wide variety of products across multiple categories spanning Computing, Mobile, Electronics, Home & Kitchen and Fashion and much more.


The list includes laptops, desktop computers, printers, scanners, projectors, PC Games and computing accessories. Others include mobile phones, TV sets, Home Theatre Systems, cameras, DVD Players/Recorders, games and consoles.


Also on sale will be fans, Air conditioners, refrigerators, cookers and ovens, water dispensers, vacuum cleaners, hot plates and burners, irons, toasters, blenders, juicers, microwave ovens, electric kettles, mattresses as well as a surplus of fashion items, all sourced directly from the biggest brands.


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