NBCC, EduFirstNg, Olashore Int’l School, Others Host Historic EduTech Conference

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

NBCC, EduFirstNg, Olashore Int’l School, Others Host Historic EduTech Conference

NBCC, EduFirstNg, Olashore Int’l School, Others Host Historic EduTech Conference



By Rommy IMAH


The Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) and EduFirstNg have signed a deal to host the first EduTech Conference in Nigeria, aimed at revitalizing the country’s educational system through technology.


EduFirst Ng is an educational technology company with visibility in 24 Unity Schools, providing cutting-edge technology solutions and digital experience to students, teachers and other stakeholders in the education sector.


On the other hand, the NBCC, as part of her mandate to support the socio-economic development of Nigeria through educational development, is providing a platform for government, regulatory agencies and educational professionals to interact and share experiences on the revitalization of Nigeria’s education system, through the application of technology and innovation as key ingredients for educational transformation.


Themed “Education, Technology & Jobs: A Synergy that Works,” the conference is being organized by the NBCC and EduFirst Ng in partnership with Olashore International School.


Speaking to newsmen on the rationale behind the conference, Mr. Seyi Adeyemi, Chairman, Learning, Education and Training Committee at NBCC said even though the Chamber appreciates the efforts of government in creating an enabling environment in Nigeria, stakeholders’ engagement and private sector participation are critical success factors to these endeavours.


“Nigeria’s population is currently touted to be over 200 million based on United Nations estimate with an average age of 17.9 years making us one of the youngest countries in the world. Having a share of 2.6% of the world’s population, it is imperative that the narrative is changed from what it is now to absorb the immense growth that is upon us.


“By 2050, the country is projected to be well over 400 million people. We understand no country rises above its level of education; therefore, we are contributing our own quota to the ongoing conversation of an overhaul of the sector using technology as the driver for the actualization as we are in the age of the future,” he said.


He said the Conference would address the future outputs of the Nigerian educational system and ensure that they are prepared to be fully integrated into the world of work, compete with global standards on Nigerian soil and be relevant in future endeavours; a situation he noted, would cumulatively increase the economic value of the average Nigerian and the nation’s per capita income.


Adeyemi announced that the Conference has already received the endorsement of the Federal Ministry of Education, and would witness student technology pitches geared towards social, environmental and economic change.


Panelists at the Conference will look at such topical issues as Closing the Employability Gap; Universities as Catalyst for Innovation & Development; and Technology and the Future of Learning Curricular with speakers expected from both the public and private sectors of the economy.


Mr. Idris Oladipo, Country Manager of EduFirstNg described the proposed Conference as an historic moment which the company is proud of owing to the fact that the education sector has long been neglected.


“EduFirst Ng being a major player in the Edu-Tech subsector in Nigeria is committed to improving teaching-learning experiences in schools leveraging technology, developing the capacity for the emerging knowledge economy and providing cutting edge technology solutions for the global competitiveness of Nigerian children, youths and adults,” he said.


Oladipo noted that the Conference is coming at a time that Nigeria is caught between choosing to move with global trends in the use of technology to drive education and become the human capital of the world and remaining with the status quo and be relegated to the background in global education index.


Bunmi Afolabi, Director General, Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce said the Chamber is partnering EduFirstNg in the Conference because technology has become the main driver of the economy of nations across the world.


“This Conference will provide us the opportunity of looking at the integration of technology in education. We see this as part of our advocacy responsibilities, and we would ensure that at the end of the event, recommendations made at the Conference are implemented,” she said.


The event billed for June 20, 2019 is open to all concerned individuals and organization who are passionate about education and the future of education in Nigeria.



L-R Jadesola Ogundiminegha, Project/Corporate Comms. Manager, Skool Media; Idris Oladipo, Digital Innovation & Country Manager, EduFirst Ng; Bunmi Afolabi, Director General, Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce; Seyi Adeyemi, Chairman, Learning, Education & Training Committee, Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce and Abisola Oluwadamilola, Membership Officer, Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce.....



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