Pipul TV Opens Pay-IPTV Subscription Service In Nigeria With Over 240 Channels

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Pipul TV Opens Pay-IPTV Subscription Service In Nigeria With Over 240 Channels

Pipul TV Opens Pay-IPTV Subscription Service In Nigeria With Over 240 Channels



Pipul Communications Nigeria Limited, operators of Pipul TV, and their technical partners Tuesday, opened their Pay-IPTV Subscription service to Nigerians.


Pipul TV is the official trademark of Pipul Communications Nigeria Limited, a registered Nigerian IPTV service provider.


Recall that Pipul TV announced its market entry on October 1, 2019 and decided to maintain a low profile as it traversed a dense competitive market using a non-conventional business approach.


Management of Pipul TV said they carefully chose few hundreds of customers across the country to test the platform and provide feedback on coverage and quality of service, noting that now, the service in operational and Nigerians can subscribe to hundreds of live-TV channels from across the globe as well as thousands of Video-On-Demand (VOD) titles.


digitaltimesng.com recalls that earlier in December, 2019, enterprise clients of 9Mobile Networks were introduced to Pipul TV Services during the firm’s quarterly enterprise customers briefing session.


The occasion which took place at the popular Check-in Hotel, Abuja, marked the official introduction of Pipul TV Setup Box in Nigeria by 9Mobile Networks, in which the telco used the occasion to relaunch its enterprise product portfolio.


Pipul TV STB was not just on display, it was demonstrated as Pipul TV’s revolutionary approach to digital content distribution stole the show attended by customers and other exhibitors who thronged the stand to review the box and to gain first-hand information on how to use the box.


Pipul TV offers an innovative way of digital content distribution, a claim that manifested during a review of the features of the product as well as the vision of the organization, showing that subscribers will enjoy amazing digital contents at affordable monthly rates.


With about 240 channels at launch, Pipul TV is hoping to add additional 110 foreign channels and 150 local channels to fulfil its promise of 500 Live-Television channels.


Pipul TV Services include video on demand contents and rich Nigerian educational contents covering primary and secondary school curricula with a promise for Nigerians to truly rejoice and celebrate the debut of the TV services.


An indigenous PayTV firm, Pipul TV explained that with its partnership with Telecoms Networks providers, customers can now subscribe to enjoy low tariff digital streaming contents. The channel line-up covers sports, movies, drama, news, documentary, and several genre of contents that will appeal to users across the globe.


Experts say that Pipul TV opening of its subscription service means that they are ready to commit to their promise to their esteemed subscribers and partners.


The inability to meet Nigeria’s expectations in the last six months generated a lot of social media reactions and in the process, Pipul TV team took advantage of the situation because it offered them decades’ worth of experience just within few months.


The management’s characteristic optimistic posture means that Pipul TV will transcend the challenges that confront new industry entrants.


“As we are all aware, the PayTV industry in Nigeria is dominated by foreign players like DSTV, Startimes, GOTv, and other smaller players. The monopolistic tendencies of the foreign players made it almost impossible for local players to survive the harsh competitive business terrain.


“Nigerians are still reeling the death of HiTV and other local players like TSTV are struggling with frustrations meted on them directly by foreign competition who, in connivance with regulators and bankers make it impossible for new entrants to survive,” Pipul TV noted.


Industry watchers believe that the assured survival of Pipul TV lies in its divergent approach to existing industry business norms, especially bearing in mind that being an Internet Protocol Television provider, Pipul TV business modus operandi is completely different from their competing satellite providers.


They also contend that Pipul TV is able to offer ridiculously low monthly tariff for premium contents because it is an IPTV platform, and comes with the flexibility to add and remove channels with ease.


“Pipul TV is able to provide hundreds of Channels directly to homes at a single bouquet flat-rate monthly subscription. Pipul TV STB is mobile and can easily be moved from office to home without needing a support engineer. Most importantly, Pipul TV’s timely entry into the Nigerian market provided a credible alternative when xenophobic attack was wide-spread in Southern African countries and Nigerians were looking for indigenous digital contents to substitute their existing exploitative foreign brands.


“Pipul TV service is plug_and_play, requiring no installation and no dish. In essence, subscribers will no longer deface their homes in the name of mounting a dish and running cables. Being an IPTV service, the service is always up no matter the weather and subscribers will no longer experience “No Signal” palaver.


“IPTV solution is quite revolutionary. As customers embrace this new product, the experience is expected to vary from one location to another depending on the quality of network coverage in a particular area,” Pipul TV stated.


Mr. Chuks Okpaka, Chairman of Pipul TV hinted that special compression and decompression software will ensure that customers have a relatively seamless experience irrespective of the network quality.



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  1. Macmoo 2/13/2020 8:01:14 AM

    More information on the product can be seen on www.pipul.tv and to order for a Pipul TV STB (Decoder), fill the online form available from myaccount.pipul.tv. You can also contact the dealers directly on www.pipul.tv/pipul-tv-outlets/.

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  • Macmoo

    More information on the product can be seen on www.pipul.tv and to order for a Pipul TV STB (Decoder), fill the online form available from myaccount.pipul.tv. You can also contact the dealers directly on www.pipul.tv/pipul-tv-outlets/.

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