Seamfix Tutors NGOs On Data Gathering And Analysis

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Seamfix Tutors NGOs On Data Gathering And Analysis

Seamfix Tutors NGOs On Data Gathering And Analysis




Seamfix, a data solution management company, has taken a bold step to address the challenges of data collection and analysis among non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


Seamfix provides industry software solutions to address data capture and identity management, across various sectors of the economy.


At one of the seminars organised for NGOs in Lagos, Executive Director, Seamfix Nigeria Limited, Mr. Chibuzor Onwurah ‎noted ‎that NGOs make use of data with no knowledge of how to effectively collect and analyse those data.


According to him, “there are a lots of data around us, yet we do not make efficient use of the data for economic planning.


“It is for this reason that we decided to organise the Lagos seminar for NGOs on data collection and analysis, after a similar engagement with NGOs in Abuja that attracted a lot of participants from the NGO space.”


The NGOs he said, are making a lot of impact on the Nigerian economy through their non-for-profit activities.


He said that based on the activities of the NGOs, his company decided to organise seminars on data gathering and analysis that will better position the NGOs, in serving the public.


“Data collection and analysis is a challenge in this part of the world and we have a mission at Seamfix to help organisations and government institutions collect and analyse their data, in order to make meaningful use of data around them in making key decisions. Our focus is to provide the necessary tools that will enable organisations find it easy to digitize useful data.


“Seamfix has delivered on over 50 large scale projects for State Governments, Nigerian Police Force, the National Identity Scheme and SIM registration solutions for the top telecommunication companies in Nigeria as well as top organizations and schools like Oando, BAT, UNN and UNICAL.


“Organisations find it easier to collect data, analyse data and digitise data, through our product called BioRegistra. We are currently engaging organisations, NGOs and government agencies to enable them perform optimally, while using BioRegistra solution,” Onwurah said.


The BioRegistra solution, he added, remained effective because it can work both in offline and online mode and it can work on mobile devices such as mobile phones, which makes it convenient for people to go around with their mobile phones to collect and analyse data.


“The BioRegistra is designed to work with or without Internet and that is the beauty of the solution in data capturing and analysis. So our target is to provide solutions like BioRegistra to big and small organisations for data capturing and analysis.


“For accessibility, our solutions are online and anyone can download them on their mobile device and still make use of them even when they are in places where there is no Internet connectivity. We also have support agents from various parts of the country who offer support services to people and organisations that are willing to use our solutions for data capturing and analysis,” Onwurah said.


Some of the NGOs who attended the Lagos seminar identified some of the challenges in data collection to include refusal of respondents to give information, language barrier in communication, distant location for data collection, data storage and theft of data.


In addressing some of the challenges, Onwurah said: “Seamfix has digital archiving solution it is currently deploying in some private and public universities called I-Transcript, which enables school authorities to transfer physical data like exam records, school registration and enrolment to digital archives where they could be stored and easily retrieved when needed.”


Photo Caption:

L-R: ACT Foundation Programme Officer, Ayodele Ojo, Development Consultant, Omobola Lana, Seamfix Managing Director, Chimezie Emewulu and Executive Director, Chibuzor Onwurah at the BioRegistra Effective Programme Evaluation through Digital Data Collection and Analysis with NGOs held in Lagos recently….



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