Why Technologically-Advanced Paint Roxettes Are The Market Leaders- Arc. Orji

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Why Technologically-Advanced Paint Roxettes Are The Market Leaders- Arc. Orji

Why Technologically-Advanced Paint Roxettes Are The Market Leaders- Arc. Orji

Arc. Kaycee Orji, MD/CEO Paint Roxettes



By Rommy IMAH



Chief Executive Officer of high-flying Paint Roxettes, Arc. Kaycee Orji has said that driven by the emergence of new technologies and developments such as nanotechnology and smart coatings, the diversity of coatings and their impact on the human society will be increased in coming years.


In an exclusive interview with digitaltimesng.com, Arc. Orji disclosed that aesthetic appeal and durability have traditionally been key factors for specifying paint, noting that it has become obvious that new advancements in coatings technology have changed the landscape yet, there are now unique and innovative options to consider.


Experts believe technologically-advanced coatings can play a vital role in improving overall indoor air quality. They also argue that airborne concentrations of formaldehyde and other aldehydes that originate from other sources in the room such as carpet, fabrics, and insulation are typical causes of poor indoor air quality.


But Paint Roxettes is a new paint manufacturing company making waves in Nigeria today. It is a 5 high-tech-in-1 Eco-friendly quality paint company with premium quality paints specifically formulated for Africa.


According to Arc. Kaycee Orji, “Paint Roxettes have been designed with the user in mind and formulated to meet their needs, giving the house a charming effect. Some of the awesome qualities of our paints include being washable, anti-fungi, odourless, etc.


“We at the Paint Roxettes are pleased to offer a wide variety of painting services, and hire only the best painters to take care of your residential house. We value both the technical and artistic sides of our job in every Showcase.


“The fact is that how much that kind of passion affects the overall quality shows not only through our 3-year painting warranty but also in our Photo Gallery, featuring the most impressive painting showcases that we undertook this far.”


Arc. Orji noted that Paint Roxettes ensures the user enjoys low energy bills as the paints from their stable reduce heat build-up by reflecting infrared light from the coated surface, adding that they also repel mosquitoes and kill germs ensuring that the user’s home is safe and healthy.


“When you use our products both on the interior and exterior, it reflects away heat from the surface of the building which leads to low heat absorption into the house. That way, you can put off your Air Conditioner(s), and the interior temperature will be retained for a very long time. If you’re using a prepaid electricity platform, you’d have saved a lot of energy bills.


“They are highly efficient, they insulate and water-proof exterior walls. They are highly stretchable, washable and they resist dirt pick-up. They also reduce surface temperature by 5˚C. When it comes to long-lasting paints, we top the charts.


“We believe in making paints that are healthy both to you and to the environment. Our paints release zero chemicals that are harmful to you. They have low carbon, they are alkaline-resistant, anti fungi and odourless,” he said.


For a cooler or warmer home, Paint Roxettes is the ideal paint for both the interior and exterior as it reflects away heat from the surface of the building, which in turn, retains the interior temperature even when the system is turned off.


Arc. Orji said Paint Roxettes are durable and highly efficient as they insulate and water-proof exterior walls, are highly stretchable, washable and resist dirt pick-up, adding that they also reduce surface temperature by 5˚C. He said that when it comes to long-lasting paints, Paint Roxettes top the charts.


As an eco-friendly company, he said “we believe in making paints that are healthy both to you and to the environment. Our paints release zero chemicals that are harmful to you. They have low carbon, they are alkaline-resistant, anti-fungi and odourless.”


Arc. Orji said that one of the most important things that Paint Roxettes employ in their work is the usage of eco-friendly paints and finishes, which allows them to play their own role in protecting the world’s environment. 


“The formulation of Paint Roxettes was done with low carbon raw materials. The process of production and painting doesn’t emit any harmful chemical that could harm the environment. The low carbon content makes it odourless, and you can move into your house the same day it was painted. It’s not carcinogenic.”


He further assured, “With as much as 50,000 shades of different colours of your choice at Paint Roxettes, the sky is your limit. With so many things to paint both inside and outside of your houses, we’ve got a real range of services here. This means we can do any sort of residential or commercial works. On top of having an awesome range of painting services, be sure that our pricing and fees we charge for the painting job are just as competitive.”


In settings ranging from commercial to health care to residential, unpleasant odours are common in interior areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, patient rooms, and public spaces. Paints that feature Odour Eliminating Technology can neutralize these troublesome odours by helping to dissipate common odours of organic origin.


Paint Roxettes are technologically-advanced paints that help rooms stay fresher for longer periods of time, reducing interior odours and help improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne VOCs (volatile organic compounds) once the paint has dried.


“Should our client not be satisfied with the ambience after we’ve done our paintings, we have a 100% refund policy. This is because we are overconfident in the quality of our paints,” a confident Arc. Orji said.






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    Good one brother. You've got what the market needs.

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    My brother the Paint make sense

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